About Karaoke Nerds

Karaoke Nerds is a free site for singers and hosts, built upon a massive database of karaoke tracks and libraries. We provide the following:

  • An automatically updated, searchable karaoke database (including physical disc tracks and high-quality youtube channels.) If you want to find out if a track exists, search our database. (Note: We do not include lower-quality homemade or MIDI tracks.)
  • The ability to upload your own karaoke library, determine the number of unique songs in it, and allow others to search it at a customizable URL.
  • A personal song list you can view at any time by logging into your account. You can share this list with others.
  • The ability to request and vote on new karaoke songs to be produced by the Global Karaoke Community.
  • A virtual map you can pin songs onto, providing a view of the places you have sung at, which can be shared with others.
  • Song and artist lists based upon the number of unique karaoke brands per song, the artists with the most unique songs, most produced songs by artist, the most produced songs for different categories, and so on.

Feedback can be provided on the #karaoke-nerds channel on this discord.

You can also email us at karaokenerds@gmail.com.